Custom Quilting

Our in-house embroidery machine allows us to tailor patterns and colors to each customer. This attention to detail helps you put your personal stamp on each boat.

Williamsburg Marine Embroidery Machine with Worker Cutting Fabric
Williamsburg Marine Embroidery Machine
Williamsburg Marine Boat Seating Cushions
Williamsburg Marine Boat Seating

Cutting-Edge Technology

We utilize AccuMark® software for state-of-the-art design. The software allows us to flex our designs to fit your specific needs, while ensuring precision and consistency in the final product.

Williamsburg Marine AccuMark Software
Williamsburg Marine Sewing Machines
Williamsburg Marine Fabric Rolls
Williamsburg Marine Factory

Personal Touch

Each piece is hand-finished to ensure a smooth, flawless surface. Even when producing large quantities, we never skimp on the details, a hallmark of quality.

Williamsburg Marine Employee Working on Captains Chair
Williamsburg Marine Factory 1
Williamsburg Marine Factory 2
Williamsburg Marine Factory 3

Design Center

Sit down with our design team and let us collaborate with you. Using Adobe Illustrator® and our pattern design system, we’ll determine layout, color selection, and the details of all component parts. You might come with a clear idea of what you want, or we can make suggestions based on our experience and market trends. Contact us today to get the process started.

Willamsburg Marine Design Center Computer Pattern Design Software